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10 Innovative Tips To Take Your Coaching To The Next Level!

24 June: 9am CET

Today, when choosing a coach, the effectiveness of their work is the most important criteria for a coachee. It is therefore important for you as a coach to work as efficiently as possible. 


In this webinar, Master Trainer Helma Lieberwerth shares 10 innovative tips that every coach needs to know. Whether novice or experienced, you will immediately be able to apply these skills to increase your effectiveness. 


To give you a hint: It is all about tissue thin details and a sharpened use of all your senses.

Coaching Masterclass Taster

18 August: 9am CET

Are you an experienced coach and do you want to increase your craftsmanship and broaden your toolbox? Are you curious to find out how your coaching can be even more effective? Do you want to know how you can use the magic of Quaning in your regular coaching? Then you are most welcome to join us for this Masterclass taster.

This fall we will organize a series of three Masterclasses to uplift your coaching skills. In these Masterclasses you will get a taster of the three topics that will be addressed. Helma Lieberwerth, our Master Trainer who has been training many many coaches over decades, will share practical tips which you can apply right away in your coaching.

Stand Out From The Crowd Of Coaches Using Innovative Guidance Methodology 

22 July: 9am CET

Research conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2016 on behalf of ICF shows that the coaching industry is the second fastest growing sector in the world. The number of coaches is increasing at a rapid pace.


How do you distinguish yourself in the forest from all the coaching offered? Knowing that effectiveness is most important to clients. Then it is important to make a difference there. With Quaning you offer that difference.


In this webinar founder Helma Lieberwerth will walk you through the most important differences between Quaning and coaching. Our special guest, one of our Certified Quaners, will give you an insight into her working day.

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