The Communicator

"Using this new technology to guide my clients, takes my craftsmanship to a whole new level."

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Quaning is a unique and proven successful methodology, developed around a groundbreaking technical device, the Quaning Communicator.

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The Quaning Communicator is your objective access to the information field, or as some call it, the matrix. The fascinating dimensions where causes are at the core and can be solved in a lasting manner. 

This device consists of a hologram generator, an algorithm, a database and an analogue digital converter, all installed on a laptop with a Quaning look and feel.

The Quaning Communicator's intervention module provides the solution in the information field; i.e. directly at the primary level, bypassing the client’s life mechanism.


Of course, you will learn all the ins and outs of how the Quaning Communicator works during the education that comes with your license. When you choose the Quaning license, you will also be trained in quantum mechanical aspects of coaching. 

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