Quaning Academy
for Certified Quaners

In your basic training the foundation will be laid
to become an expert in guiding with Quaning.
By becoming an Certified Quaner, you will guarantee sustainable solutions to your Quanees."

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Block 1 

3 days

In the first block of the Quaner training you will learn:

  • The theory you need to understand Quaning fundamentally

  • We'll take you through the creation of the methodology and the development of the products

  • You will master Helma Lieberwerth's vision on people and personal growth, so you can communicate this to your (potential) Quanees and apply it when guiding Quaning-RGprograms

  • You will learn about the origin, development and operation of the Quaning Communicator, so you can use the technology with confidence. 

We pay attention to your marketing communications, public relations and sales when it comes to Quaning. And the basic attitude of a Quaner will be extensively covered in the training. Think about energy management, sensory perspicacity, language use and leadership. 


Block 2

3 days

Block 2 focuses on the execution of a basic Quaning session. You will learn all the ins and outs of the steps to follow to guide your Quanee excellently towards the sustainable result of a Quaning-RGprogram.


Block 3

1 day

Theory is great, however the real application of Quaning comes with practice. In block 3 you do a Quaning practice session on which you get on-the-job feedback. In this way you really get to grips with the methodology. 


Block 4

3 days

Block 4 contains the Quaning-RGprograms:

  • Quaning-RGprogram Intention of Being

  • Quaning-RGprogram Personal

  • Quaning-RGprogram Business.

You will learn the structure of the programs from the introduction to the implementation of the guarantee. Each Quaning session in the up to 7 week programs will be discussed in detail.


Block 5

1 day

Block 5 is the certification block. We'll start with the theory exam. You will have 2 hours to answer written open and multiple choice questions about Quaning's theory. The following week, the practical exam takes place. Under supervision of the trainer, you will do a Quaning certification session with a practice Quanee invited by you. If you have successfully completed both parts, then you will receive your International Certified Quaner certificate right away.


Block 6

1 year

Then your first year starts as a Quaner. We call this the master-apprentice period. You are well trained to guide a Quaning-RGprogram, and by making meters, you learn to master the methodology better and better. Then it's nice to be able to discuss quickly about choices in certain steps. For this purpose you can contact your Master Trainer directly during this period.


Block 7

2 days

As a Quaner you deliver high quality craftsmanship. It is therefore important to work on your own functioning every year to further deepen your knowledge and skills. This means you are required to re-certify every year, which consists of a two day Q-Training with all Quaners.

Next Certified Quaner training

Fall 2021


for Certified Quaners only

After your training as a Certified Quaner, you can undergo further training to introduce potential Quanees to you and Quaning in a Quaning workshop, to guide teams with Quaning, or to do Quaning assessments. 


If you are interested in a continuation module, please contact your Master Trainer.

You use a Quaning workshop to introduce the participants to you, your working method and the vision on which Quaning is based. This gives them a new perspective on personal development and they can easily find out whether they want to be guided by you with Quaning. You introduce them to the vision and methodology in a stimulating and accessible way. 

If a team is faced with a major challenge, or if it is jointly ready for renewal, for example different leadership is expected, then Team Quaning is used. Determining the organizational goal of the team is central during the first joint meeting. It is therefore discussed what the purpose is of the Quaning-RGprogram that each team member then does individually. Finally, a team consists of different individuals who together fulfill the organizational goal. After the Quaning-RGprograms, the team comes together again to evaluate and to make agreements for the coming period. 

As a Certified Quaner you can choose to extend your license with the Quaning assessment license. This allows you to offer assessments to make an estimate for the client, based on the analyzes you have made with the Quaning Communicator, of who as a person is most suitable for a position. A Quaning assessment consists of an extensive preliminary discussion with the client, conducting the assessment with the candidate, reporting and advice to and discussing the outcome with the client. 

We regularly organize intervision meetings in which you and other Quaners do intervision about cases brought in by you. For more info about dates and investment, please contact your Master Trainer.

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