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As a coach you want to continue to develop yourself in your profession. We are happy to contribute to that with our Dutch spoken webinar ‘Trends in coaching'.

About the webinar

Recently published studies show that there is an
increasing need for coaching. What is striking is
that coachees speak out very clearly about what
they expect from a coach: about his methodology
of working and also about the result offered.


In this webinar Helma Lieberwerth takes you on a
number of trends and developments in coaching
and offers you insights to give your clients what
they are looking for in this day and age.

In this webinar Helma Lieberwerth takes you through
a number of trends and developments in coaching.
We also present you insights to offer your clients what
they are looking for today.



- What are the main trends in the coaching industry;

- What are the developments that are totally changing the labour market;

- What do these trends and developments mean for the professionalism and proposition of the coach; 

- How can you, as a coach, anticipate the pronounced wishes of the growing group of coachees.






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