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Become a Quaner

"As a Quaner, you do impactful work. Quanees trust you fully in the guidance of their personal process to achieve their goal. Therefore, using Quaning is more than just following a successful procedure." 

Step 1

Important conditions to offer Quanees the natural leadership and success of a Quaning-RGprogram: 




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Quaning offers the solution: a guidance method that suits people's innovative spirit. Download this information sheet and learn everything you need to know about Quaning from the founder herself.

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To become a Quaner, you will go through a
careful process in 4 simple steps:

Step 4

I want to become a Quaner

Step 1


First of all, we kindly invite you to get to know each other personally. We tell you who we are as an organization, how we work together with the Quaning licensees, what the Quaning license means and what the investment is. We would like to hear from you why you would like to use Quaning, who your target group is and what you want to achieve for them. We will check together whether Quaning fits in with that. 

Step 2

license agreement

If we agree that you and Quaning are a fit, the next logical step is that we sign the Quaning license agreement together.  A festive moment!

step 3

start certification

After a positive advice from the Quaning assessment, the next logical step is that we sign the Quaning license agreement together. We'll do this right after the assessment. A festive moment!

step 4

certified Quaner

After your certification you are ready to use Quaning to guide your Quanees. You immediately deliver sustainable results. The more Quaning-RGprograms you do, the more you will master the skill. Our helpdesk will help you during your first programs to deepen your craftsmanship.

Do you want to know how to become a Quaner?
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