Become a Quaner

As a Quaner, you do impactful work. Quanees trust you fully in the guidance of their personal process to achieve their goal. Therefore, using Quaning is more than just following a successful procedure. Talents such as connecting, accuracy and result-orientation are for example important conditions to offer Quanees the natural leadership that makes it safe to manifest the changes in their lives. You will therefore go through a careful selection process before you can start training to become a Quaner.

Step 1


First of all, we kindly invite you to get to know each other personally. We tell you who we are as an organization, how we work together with the Quaning licensees, what the Quaning license means and what the investment is. We would like to hear from you why you would like to use Quaning, who your target group is and what you want to achieve for them. We will check together whether Quaning fits in with that. 

Step 2


If we both experience the click and you're seriously interested, we'll make an appointment to do a Quaning assessment. We will do an objective assessment with the Quaning Communicator to assess your suitability as a Quaner. This assessment takes one part of the day. We will discuss the results of the analyses directly. At the end of the assessment we determine together whether there is sufficient match with the methodology to give a positive advice.

Step 3

License agreement

After a positive advice from the Quaning assessment, the next logical step is that we sign the Quaning license agreement together. A festive moment! We're getting together to go over the license agreement again. The agreement describes what you can expect from us as your licenser, and what we can expect from you. Everything to make sure together that you can guide your Quanees in the best possible way with Quaning.

Step 4

Start certification

After signing of your license agreement, you will start in the next course that is planned. Together with the other students of your study programme, you will work in 5 blocks with intermediate study and practice, to get to grips with the basis of working as a Quaner. For your certification to Certified Quaner, you will take a theory exam and you will do a Quaning practice session. If both lead to positive results, you will receive your certificate during a festive graduation ceremony.

Do you want to know how to become a Quaner?

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