About Quaning

"Quaning is an innovative guidance methodology."

It allows you to let your clients to achieve their goals within a maximum of 7 weeks, with guaranteed lasting results. A proven successful procedure, innovative technology and your leadership make that possible. 

Helma's vision 

The idea for Quaning came about when Dutch founder Helma Lieberwerth wanted to find a solution for coaches in 2008 to deliver fast and lasting results. According to her, too much time, money and energy was wasted in the coaching industry. 

From Helma's experience,  lasting coaching results  are achieved when you work with the invisible dimensions of our universe: based on the principles of quantum mechanics. 

During her long and thorough research, Helma developed a paradigm shifting view of life and personal growth, called the Intention of Being. This was the basis for Quaning, the successful methodology that really delivered the lasting results she was looking for.

Benefits of Quaning

Quantum mechanics

  • Use a proven successful methodology that is based on a paradigm shifting vision on people and personal growth

  • Measure the progress and results of your clients objectively

  • The analyses by the Quaning Communicator are always objective and spot-on

  • Deliver fast results within a short time which are sustainable, for a fixed, prepaid, price

  • Guarantee the sustainability of the goal achieved

  • Quaner training meets the highest level of craftsmanship

Why is Quaning unique?

The structured and tissue thin approach of the Quaning methodology and the combination of the three pillars: Quaner,
Q-Report and the innovative technology of the Quaning Communicator, ensure that you deliver excellent results, fast and lasting.

Quantum mechanics

Quaning Communicator

Groundbreaking technology

Quaning is a unique and proven successful methodology, developed around the Communicator.

The Quaning Communicator is groundbreaking technology for coaches that provides fast and objective access to the information field. The unique, quantum mechanics-based technology helps you deliver outstanding guiding to your clients with guaranteed lasting results.

Quaning experiences

​"For me as a professional, Quaning contains an infinite wealth of knowledge at the tissue-thin level. That brings my expertise in coaching to an exceptionally high level. Combined with the excellent functioning of the Quaning Communicator, I really have a distinctive offer for my customers." 


"Quaning may seem simple in the eyes of my client:" Is that all I have to do? "I know he will be surprised by the rapid changes that come naturally and that prove to be sustainable."

in 2020

Quaning license

Working together

The Quaning license from Licentrix allows you to deliver lasting results for your clients. Broadly speaking, the Quaning license contains the following components: 

  • Use of the Quaning Communicator.

  • Use of the Quaning-RGprogram Intention of Being, Quaning-RGprogram Personal and Quaning-RGprogram Business.

  • Executive education to run the programs, including the use of the Communicator within the programs. With annual training and recertification to maintain the high quality of your craftsmanship.

Guidance in 2020

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