Innovative coaching methodology for organizations and individuals 

Are you an experienced coach, a new consultant, an
hr professional or thinking about a career change?

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Quaning is an innovative guidance methodology. It allows you to let your clients achieve lasting results. The methodology is inspired by the philosophy of quantum mechanics and the paradigm shifting vision on people and personal growth of Helma Lieberwerth.

As a Quaner, you will deliver high-quality craftmanship! 


Quaning Academy

For many years coaches have been trained in our academy. Our outstanding academy curriculum is aimed at achieving excellent and sustainable results in guiding. In about 10 days you will learn all of the steps to be followed to guide clients excellently towards the sustainable result of a Quaning-RGprogram. The training is followed by one year master-apprentice period.


Coach vs. Quaner

Even though coaches and Quaners both guide people in achieving their goals, the way in which they do this is completely different. Coaches must base their assumptions about causes, for example, on their knowledge and by listening. This can take several sessions. Quaners, on the other hand, use the Quaning Communicator to make an objective analysis of the cause within seconds. Read our blog to discover more differences.


Become a Quaner

Our license contains everything you need to use Quaning with your customers. We offer innovative technology to guide your clients when achieving their goals. This groundbreaking technology, known as the Quaning Communicator makes objective analyzes on a transcendence level and achieves rapid growth. 


Book a FREE Consultation with founder & master trainer, Helma Lieberwerth 


  • Use proven successful methodology based on a paradigm shifting vision

  • Use innovative technology to make objective and lightning-fast analyzes and offer solutions on transendence level  

  • Deliver quick and natural results

  • Deliver sustainable results and confidently offer result guarantee to your Quanees

Quaning offers the solution: a guidance method that suits people's innovative spirit. Download this information sheet and learn everything you need to know about Quaning from the founder herself.

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Ingrid Aarsman

The training has laid a solid foundation, in practice "excellence" is growing and that is exactly the secret of the training and quality concept of Quaning.

Sylvia Heistek

The methodology, certification, training, back office, colleagues, intervision, intermediate training, communication and the office are, just like the drink (in its time 😄) TOP class.

Anjana Jagernath

The training is just like the Quaning methodology: achieving the best results in a structured and efficient way.

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